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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Computer shortcut name,Computer full form

Computer shortcut name

ALU                       Arithmetic logic unit
ALGOL                  Algorithmic language
ASCIL                   American standard code for information interchange
BASIC                   Beginner's all purpose symbolic intruction code
BCD                       Binary coded demical code
CPU                       Central processing unit
CAD                      Computer aided design
C-DOT                  Centre for devlopment of Telematics
CLASS                  Computer literacy and studies in school
COMAL                 Common algorithmic language
DOS                      Disk operating system
DTS                       Desk top system
DTP                       Desk top publishing
ENIAC                   Elecronic Numerical integrator and computer
FAX                       Far away Xerox
FLOPS                   Floaring operations per second
HLL                       High level language
HTML                    Hyper text markup language
ISH                        Information super highway
LAN                       Local area network
LDU                       Liquid display unit
LISP                      list processing
LLL                        Low level language
MICR                     Magnetic ink character reader
MIPS                     Millions of onstructions per second
MOPS                    Millions of operation per second
MODEM                Modulator-deModulator
OMR                      Optical mark reader
PC-DOS                Personal computer disk operating system
PROM                   Programmable read only memory
RAM                      Random access memory
ROM                      Read only memory
RPG                       Report programme genretor
SNOBOL               String oriented symbolic language
VDU                      Visual Display unit
VLSI                      Very larg scale integration
WAN                     Wide area network
WWW                    World wide web


Sunday, March 24, 2019

scientific name

According to this method, the scientist, which is called the birth of the classics, which is called the birthplace of the organizations, the name of each organism becomes the two words of the Latin language, the name of each border is named after the name of the line and the second word is the name of the caste. The name of the secretant of the class and the name of the caste is written, which is the first to find the caste that or the name of this caste first, the name of the human name is the Homo.Po Hamo is the name of that line, which is a caste of the lineage, the Linius is actually a brief form of Lenius, the first means that Linius is called the name of this nation by the homespays.

मानव-Homo Sapiens
मेंढक-Rana tigrina
बिल्ली-Felis domestica
कुत्ता-Canis familiaris
गाय-BOS indicus
मक्खी- musca domestica
आम-mangifera indica
धान-Oryze sativa
गेहूं-Triticum aestivum
मटर-pisum sativum
चना-Cicer arietinum
सरसों-brassica campestris

computer question

  • Charles Babbage is called the father of the computer.
  •  Van Newman is the biggest contributor to the development of a computer.
  •  The first computer search was first discovered in 1946.
  •  December 2 is celebrated as Computer Literacy Day.
  •  New computer policy in India was announced in 1984.
  •  India's first computerized post office is from New Delhi.
  •  India's first pollution-free computerized petrol pump is in Mumbai.
  •  There are three types of computers: Digital Analog and Hybrid.
  •  The computer that performs mathematical calculations is called a digital computer.
  •  The magnetic disk has a layer of iron oxide.
  •  Anupam Bhabha is a supercomputer developed by Nuclear Research Center.
  •  Assembler converts assembly language into a machine language.
  •  The smallest unit bit of computer data is the abbreviation Binary of the binary unit's internal and the last word is 0 to one bit.
  •  A computer that acts according to the assessment principle is called an analog computer. Large computers that work 10 times faster than normal computers are called supercomputers.
  •  A super computer has about 40 thousand micro computers and the number of computing capacities, its speed is measured with megaphlap.
  •  The world's first super-computer crack was a1s that was completed in 1979.
  •  Deep Blue computer working on 32 computers may have a cube of 200 million moves in a second.
  •  The name of the world's first electronic digital computer is annexed.
  •  The world's largest computer network is named Internet Yahoo is Google's MSN Internet Search Engine.
  •  The first Indian magazine to be available on the Internet is INDIA TODAY.
  •  USENET is a system of linking all universities together.
  •  The Internet helps most today in searching for information.
  •  The eye was developed by McGill University.
  •  A computer connected to the Internet where a particular type of information is available is called a site.
  •  5 generations of computers have been developed.
  •  Send a notification to a computer near or far from your computer called upload.
  •  SNOBL special language is used to search for information and search for the program.
  •  The first home computer is Commodore vic / 20.
  •  The computer's first magazine is computer and automation.
  •  According to the scientists, Indian language is the easiest to make Sanskrit computerized.
  •  The world's first digital computer was Univack.
  •  The Hindi command is the computer language of hunting the language.
  •  COBOL is similar to the high level language of the English language.
  •  Microprocessor is a fourth-generation computer.
  •  Prologue is the fifth generation computer language.
  •  The development of an integrated circuit chip was done by JS Kilby.
  •  There is a layer of silicon on an integrated circuit chip.
  •  Computer impurity is called garden.

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