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Sunday, March 24, 2019

computer question

  • Charles Babbage is called the father of the computer.
  •  Van Newman is the biggest contributor to the development of a computer.
  •  The first computer search was first discovered in 1946.
  •  December 2 is celebrated as Computer Literacy Day.
  •  New computer policy in India was announced in 1984.
  •  India's first computerized post office is from New Delhi.
  •  India's first pollution-free computerized petrol pump is in Mumbai.
  •  There are three types of computers: Digital Analog and Hybrid.
  •  The computer that performs mathematical calculations is called a digital computer.
  •  The magnetic disk has a layer of iron oxide.
  •  Anupam Bhabha is a supercomputer developed by Nuclear Research Center.
  •  Assembler converts assembly language into a machine language.
  •  The smallest unit bit of computer data is the abbreviation Binary of the binary unit's internal and the last word is 0 to one bit.
  •  A computer that acts according to the assessment principle is called an analog computer. Large computers that work 10 times faster than normal computers are called supercomputers.
  •  A super computer has about 40 thousand micro computers and the number of computing capacities, its speed is measured with megaphlap.
  •  The world's first super-computer crack was a1s that was completed in 1979.
  •  Deep Blue computer working on 32 computers may have a cube of 200 million moves in a second.
  •  The name of the world's first electronic digital computer is annexed.
  •  The world's largest computer network is named Internet Yahoo is Google's MSN Internet Search Engine.
  •  The first Indian magazine to be available on the Internet is INDIA TODAY.
  •  USENET is a system of linking all universities together.
  •  The Internet helps most today in searching for information.
  •  The eye was developed by McGill University.
  •  A computer connected to the Internet where a particular type of information is available is called a site.
  •  5 generations of computers have been developed.
  •  Send a notification to a computer near or far from your computer called upload.
  •  SNOBL special language is used to search for information and search for the program.
  •  The first home computer is Commodore vic / 20.
  •  The computer's first magazine is computer and automation.
  •  According to the scientists, Indian language is the easiest to make Sanskrit computerized.
  •  The world's first digital computer was Univack.
  •  The Hindi command is the computer language of hunting the language.
  •  COBOL is similar to the high level language of the English language.
  •  Microprocessor is a fourth-generation computer.
  •  Prologue is the fifth generation computer language.
  •  The development of an integrated circuit chip was done by JS Kilby.
  •  There is a layer of silicon on an integrated circuit chip.
  •  Computer impurity is called garden.

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