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Sunday, March 24, 2019

scientific name

According to this method, the scientist, which is called the birth of the classics, which is called the birthplace of the organizations, the name of each organism becomes the two words of the Latin language, the name of each border is named after the name of the line and the second word is the name of the caste. The name of the secretant of the class and the name of the caste is written, which is the first to find the caste that or the name of this caste first, the name of the human name is the Homo.Po Hamo is the name of that line, which is a caste of the lineage, the Linius is actually a brief form of Lenius, the first means that Linius is called the name of this nation by the homespays.

मानव-Homo Sapiens
मेंढक-Rana tigrina
बिल्ली-Felis domestica
कुत्ता-Canis familiaris
गाय-BOS indicus
मक्खी- musca domestica
आम-mangifera indica
धान-Oryze sativa
गेहूं-Triticum aestivum
मटर-pisum sativum
चना-Cicer arietinum
सरसों-brassica campestris


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